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We share the same goals: performance, quality and profitability. For both major and minor work, our technicians have the expertise and experience in the industrial
sector to respond quickly to your specific needs and help you achieve your productivity goals, while respecting time and budgetary constraints.

We specialize in major building systems and are constantly reinforcing our expertise through successful partnerships with clients such as GE Canada, IBM,
Teledyne Dalsa, Orbite, Medtronics, l'Oréal, Quebec University research centres and our suppliers. Such close collaboration has ensured that Goyer Plumbing can
offer innovative and personalized solutions to each of its customers.

We take great care to follow the most recent safety standards in force for the industry, whatever the situation.


  • Gilles Deschamps : 450 360-9804
  • Sonia Bussières :     450 522-2227
  • Antoine Perras-Côté :   450 775-6987
  • Pierre Waltz :           450 522-2229

Planned production outage management (shut down), expertise in industry standards and best practices

  • Proven experience in pharmaceutics, oncology, biotechnology, food processing and other areas
  • Fabrication and installation of high-purity ventilation ducts

  • Process, high-pressure, fibreglass, sanitary, food and vacuum
  • Plastic (PVDF, PVC, CPVC, PP and more), steel, stainless steel, chrome, titanium and more
  • Medical and cryogenic gas
  • Cleaning and sterilization

  • Installation of backflow prevention devices ins institutional environments and re-certification in more than 90% of our initial customers
  • Inspection by camera
  • high-pressure washing
  • Gaz Metro and Gaz Metro Plus certified partner : rental and financing programs, gas conversion and replacement
  • Ventilation, air conditionning, air exchange systems, air heaters, radiant floor heating
  • Boiler installation and maintenance: on-demand, hydronic, steam and more
  • Industrial water treatment and pumping: glycol and cooled water
  • CWB-certified structural work
  • Heating : gas, oil and electric

  • Welding : orbital, TIG, rod, high pressure, ASME-certified and qualified, plastic, infrared, BCF, socket fusion
  • High-purity brazing and medical industry specific
  • CWB-certified structural work

  • Fabrication plant for custom parts and equipment
  • Low and high pressure
  • Pneumatic control
  • In more than 23 categories and subcategories


  • Sectors : biotechnology, aluminium smelting, chemical and petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mines, water treatment plants
  • High-pressure networks
  • Start-up of high-tech factories
  • Chemical plant piping systems
  • high-purity/high-pressure gaz networks
  • Moderate-temperature water loops with shell-and-tube heat exchanger and stainless steel vertical tubes
  • Stainless steel nitrogen piping networks, welded without filler metal
  • Installation of steam heating coils and high-pressure steam piping networks with pressure-reducing station
  • Modification of a liquid nitrogen piping network
  • wastewater treatment systems